Environmental Management in the City of Kitakyushu


Kitakyushu sits on the sea on the island of Kyushu, half way in between Tokyo and Shanghai. Relatively close to both China and Korea, Kitakyushu initially developed as an important regional trade link.


once suffered serious environmental pollution.



Kitakyushu is also one of the largest industrial cities in Japan. Industrial development was started in nineteen zero one with start of operation of Yahata Steel Works. It is the first modern steel mill in Asia. In following years, heavy industrial factories built up around Dokai Bay.



In the nineteen sixties, not many citizens concerned themselves with the environment very much. They regarded that even rainbow colored smoke as a  sign of their prosperity.

So, the environment of Kitakyushu was bad. Some citizens damaged health such as having asthma. This sea, Dokai Bay was called “Sea of Death”.

Then  citizens especially mothers were concerned about their families’ health and launched activity against pollution.

Response to citizens’ request, companies and the local government started countermeasures and various projects to improve the environment. Their activities made this achievement, recovering clean environment.








Women are the one who incepted the activity in Kitakyushu at that time.

They visited researched factories by themselves in cooperation with professors of universities.

The power of citizens is the greatest asset. It is still comes down to the generation. This power of citizens is still active in environmental causes to this day.







new environmental challenges such as solid waste. Kitakyushu created the Eco Town project because we feel it is vitally important to build the foundations of a resource-sustainable society.

There are a variety of recycling industries and research institutes in order to promote resource recycling. But in addition to building new facilities, it is important to rise public awareness and participation of citizens. So that, we are making strong effort to disseminate information and open the facilities to the public by establishing a place for environmental education as well as information center of firms and institutes in Eco Town. It became a focal point of Eco Town welcoming a lot of people from both home and abroad.



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